July 24, 2014

July 23, 2014
"What I really mean to say is that I hope you aren’t held back because of a number. And that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. I hope you do what’s right for you. Hold on. Slow down. And breathe in. Your age is your age. But more importantly, your life is your life. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. We need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored. Revel in the differences. And enjoy where you are."

Jessica - because I’m a twenty-something 
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July 23, 2014

This is why it hurts the way it hurts.

You have too many words in your head. There are too many ways to describe the way you feel. You will never have the luxury of a dull ache.

You must suffer through the intricacy of feeling too much.


— Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via versteur)

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July 23, 2014


The Last Billboard

A 36-foot-long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every month, a different individual is invited to take over the billboard to broadcast personalized messages, which are spelt out using wooden letters that are changed by hand. 

you can follow its tumblr here. 

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July 23, 2014

it’s taking a lot for me not to scream at the top of my lungs right now

July 23, 2014
"I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself."

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July 23, 2014

IcelandTom Kondrat


Tom Kondrat

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July 22, 2014

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July 20, 2014

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July 18, 2014
"Let go your attachment to the unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly slip into its own. Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or that and the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn upon you. With this will come great love which is not choice or predilection, nor attachment, but a power which makes all things love-worthy and lovable."

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj  (via yeshecholwa)

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